Why Should You Choose to Part Exchange Your Car?

Posted on 3rd December 2021

Perhaps you are considering upgrading your old car or buying a brand new one. You may know the car you want, but when you visit your local Mercedes specialist garage, you may find that the asking price is way beyond your means.

One way to make purchasing a new vehicle much less expensive is to part-exchange your old car. By doing this, you can leave your old vehicle at your local Mercedes specialist garage and leave in your new car after paying the difference. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose part-exchange when buying your next Mercedes.

The Benefits of Choosing Part-Exchange When Buying a New Car

The main benefit of part-exchange is that it takes the hassle out of trying to sell your vehicle first. Traditionally, you would make the necessary repairs, advertise your vehicle for sale, speak with prospective buyers and arrange a deal. This can potentially take weeks, even months, before you find a deal you are happy with, and speaking with so many people can be exhausting. With part exchange, just drop your car off at a Mercedes specialist garage, where all the rest will be taken care of without any of these extra hassles.

Another benefit is that by opting for part-exchange, you can reduce the cost of buying a new car. This can be even more rewarding if you are looking to downsize for a smaller, more efficient model. Part-exchange will give you the extra funds you need to swap for a different vehicle, and if your old vehicle is in good condition, the difference you will need to pay could be very minimal.


A black Mercedes car sat outside a glass-fronted car dealership for part-exchange


Getting the Most Out of Part-Exchange

If you want to get the best price out of your vehicle the next time you part exchange at your local Mercedes specialist garage, try the following:

  • Be aware of the value of your vehicle. Research current listings and auction sites to see how much your model or any equivalent is selling for. You can even show these prices to the dealer if you wish to negotiate a better deal. 
  • Check your car’s condition and mileage. Make sure to have any repairs done before taking it in for part-exchange. If you see a similar vehicle up for sale with a similar mileage and service history, use it to determine the value of your car. 
  • Keep in mind that the listed sales value will always be higher than what the dealership offers. This is so that the dealership itself can make a profit from selling the car. Consider it a representation of the car’s best price, not as a realistic target on your part. 
  • There is no rush to make a decision when you receive any offer. At Derrick Wells, we ensure that you feel comfortable with any agreement by making sure that there is minimal pressure. 

Derrick Wells – Your Mercedes Specialist Garage

Here at Derrick Wells, we can offer you part-exchange for your old car with most of our Mercedes models. Just bring your old car in good condition and with low mileage into our Mercedes specialist garage, and we will find you a new car to suit you. To find out more about making a Mercedes-Benz part exchange, get in touch with us today.