How Often Should You Service Your Mercedes?

Posted on 11th October 2021

Any Mercedes driver knows how reliable and durable their car is on the road. Nonetheless, you should plan to have your Mercedes serviced regularly to keep it performing at its best. A regular Mercedes car service will maintain your vehicle’s performance. Also, it will make sure your car remains safe to drive and fuel efficient. Routine top quality servicing will mean your vehicle remains a quality investment for years to come. Therefore, here is a guide on how often you should service your Mercedes and what to look out for.

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When Should I Have a Mercedes Car Service?

No one is legally required to have their car serviced. However, doing so regularly will save you money on repairs and maintenance costs in the future. Your Mercedes is a valuable investment, so you will want to know that it is running at its best for as long as possible. We recommend that you have your car serviced at least once a year, or every 10,000 miles if you are a frequent driver. By doing this you can relax with a safe and reliable drive for much longer.

Things to Consider for Servicing

  • While we recommend having a service at least once a year, this is just a guideline. If you detect any faults with your vehicle have it seen to immediately so it does not worsen before the service date rolls around.
  • Seek out service garages that have a well-earned reputation, especially when it comes to performing Mercedes car services.
  • Make sure you book your service well in advance and not at the last minute. If you try to book it last minute you may find the service garage is too busy. Plus booking in advance gives you time to plan alternative ways to get home, plus other things to do in the meantime.
  • Choose off peak times for a service if possible. Although this may not always be possible, it will give you a better chance of a booking and you may be in and out quicker.
  • If possible, book your vehicle service on the same day as your MOT. Once your MOT is complete you will be able to immediately arrange for any problems found to be fixed during the service.

Servicing with Derrick Wells

Here at Derrick Wells our qualified technicians offer a wealth of experience working with Mercedes cars both old and new. A Mercedes car service with us includes diagnostic checks of any faults using our Mercedes Benz Star Diagnostic system. We perform MOTs as well as mechanical repairs of brakes, engines and more. Our team can perform air conditioning service and repair, tyre wheel alignment, windscreen repair, and battery check and replacement as well as additional services for new and classic cars. We also include exclusive access to quality Mercedes Benz parts and oil from our own stock.

Derrick Wells

At Derrick Wells we are an independent Mercedes Benz specialist servicing the Suffolk area since 1989. To find out more or to book your own Mercedes service we invite you to get in contact with us today.