What Makes a Mercedes Driver?

Posted on 17th August 2021

Drivers of Mercedes-Benz cars often have a keen eye for detail and seek out cars that mix performance with comfort and luxury. As well as this, they will choose a car that boasts class, style and an established legacy. Finally, they need a car that can reach top speeds on the road without compromising on safety and handling. All these aspects make the average Mercedes driver a very particular client to cater for. So, what are the traits that Mercedes-Benz drivers look for? Also, why is choosing a knowledgeable dealer of Mercedes-Benz cars important?

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Attention to Detail

Mercedes-Benz cars are famous for their innovative features both inside and outside of the vehicle. Inside the vehicle you will find plush carpet interiors, polished wood trim and LED mood lights. You will also find a vast selection of entertainment and information options. Outside, you will find a range of vehicle styles that fit the needs of the most discerning driver. Most of all, Mercedes drivers look for a car with the best performance and safety features. This includes infrared and stereoscopic cameras, radars, computerised control systems and more. All of these features appeal to drivers who want the best when it comes to luxury, comfort and functionality in vehicles.

Style and Sophistication

Mercedes-Benz cars have been the vehicle of choice for those with more cultured tastes for over 100 years. Mercedes-Benz offers a range of stylishly built vehicles with a wide selection of trims and colours available. Whether you are looking for luxury sedans, SUVs or something different, there’s a vehicle that will appeal to every taste. These stylish exteriors are matched only by their suave luxury interiors. High-quality fabrics, lighting and scents create a driving experience unlike any other. For the discerning driver, riding in a Mercedes vehicle is the height in style and sophistication.

Speed and Performance

While Mercedes-Benz cars are well known for their luxury and sophistication, they are also chosen by drivers for their speed and performance. Mercedes vehicles have enough power to go from 0 to 100 km per hour in only a few seconds. As well as this, Mercedes offer superior handling, fuel economy and safety features like anti-lock braking systems and crumple zones. Mercedes-Benz drivers know that a Mercedes vehicle is built not only to look first-class, but to perform superbly as well.

Choosing Derrick Wells For Your Mercedes Benz Specialists

At Derrick Wells, we have been providing high-quality vehicles and services to Mercedes-Benz drivers for over 30 years. We have a wide range of Mercedes-Benz cars available in our showroom, and also offer a variety of services, repairs and more. To find out more about how our friendly staff can help you, speak to us online, via phone, or visit us at out Needham Market showroom. For specialists in your next Mercedes-Benz vehicle, contact Derrick Wells today.