Why Choose a Mercedes-Benz Dealership

Posted on 17th August 2021

Are you looking to buy a high class luxury car that performs as well as it looks? Then you should always choose to buy from a Mercedes dealership. Mercedes-Benz cars excel in style, performance and innovative features. Along with a wide range of styles available, a Mercedes dealership will help find the car that’s right for you. So, here are some of the main reasons why you should always choose a specialist Mercedes dealership.

Mercedes Dealership

1. High Performance

Perhaps the best feature of the Mercedes-Benz car, other than its unique style, is its unparalleled performance. This can be seen from Mercedes’ success in Formula One racing ever since they first competed in 1954. With the F1 team’s success in eight Constructors Championships and 13 Drivers Championships, you can be certain that Mercedes- Benz is the highest performing car out there. This includes Lewis Hamilton’s seven World Championships that rival the record set by Michael Schumacher.

2.Fuel Efficiency and Safety

As well as its superior performance, each Mercedes-Benz car has the latest in engine efficiency and safety features. Mercedes-Benz has been at the forefront of developing cutting-edge safety technology in each car, constantly exceeding government safety regulations. This has made them one of the safest and most reliable cars on the road.

3. Greater Choice

Choosing an exclusive Mercedes dealership means you can select from a wider range of options; from models, colours, engine configurations, and a superb choice of extra options. So, you can find exactly the type of car you need from a specialist dealer of Mercedes-Benz cars.

4. Warranty and Service

A registered Mercedes dealership will have support from the manufacturer to provide cover for a range of features. This includes software updates, maintenance, repairs and even accident cover. Your warranty will provide cover for any defects that occur within 4 years of purchase. The dealer can also provide maintenance plans at attractive rates.

5.Certified Pre-Owned Program

Before qualifying as a pre-owned car, all Mercedes-Benz cars go through a strict set of tests and inspections to ensure their continued quality. Everything from service history, structural damage, fluids, engine, electrical systems and more are checked. This makes sure that they meet appropriate standards. The whole car, both externally and internally, is examined to make sure it looks as good as it did when it was first built. In addition, a road test is carried out to measure performance. All in all, you can be certain that when you buy a used car from a Mercedes dealership you will be getting the highest quality possible.

Why Choose Derrick Wells?

At Derrick Wells, we have over 30 years’ of experience supplying new and used cars to clients throughout the local area. We offer a wide selection of cars in our showroom as well as providing a range of services including repairs, restorations and more. To find out more about our range of Mercedes Benz used cars visit us online, or contact us via phone today.