How We Restore Mercedes to their Former Glory

Posted on 6th January 2021

“The best or nothing”. With that slogan in mind, Mercedes-Benz have been creating automotive magic for over a century. And whilst technology changes and Mercedes-Benz continue to innovate, classic Mercedes models become prized pieces of automotive history. However, as time goes by, many classic models need restoration to keep them looking as good as when they first came out of the factory. To match the reputation of Mercedes-Benz’s world famous design, it’s only fair to expect the very best from a Mercedes restoration project at Derrick Wells.

mercedes benz restoration

What do Mercedes Restorations consist of?

At Derrick Wells, over 25 years of experience in classic Mercedes-Benz restoration has given us the expertise to bring all kinds of Mercedes-Benz models back to their former glory. Our restoration experts are ready to tackle every aspect of a vehicle restoration.

Any line-up of Mercedes-Benz models is a testament to the company’s rich history of stunning bodywork. With this in mind, our restoration service works to preserve the unmistakable look of every model. Firstly, with our welding experience we can undertake extensive repairs on damaged bodywork. If you’re in need of accident repairs, we have you covered. As well as this, we are just as ready to take on the fine details. Whether that’s refurbishing alloys, or cleaning and restoring paintwork. We have an eye for every iconic Mercedes-Benz finishing touch, from paint colours to chroming. Our Mercedes restoration services ensure your vehicle retains its signature, authentic Mercedes-Benz look.

Secondly, the team can provide full mechanical repairs. Restoration services from Derrick Wells are just as thorough under the bonnet. Whether it’s a classic 4-cylinder from the 50s, or the latest v8, we can work with all Mercedes-Benz engines. As Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts, we can offer mechanical repairs across all aspects of your car. We can use the Mercedes-Benz Star Diagnostic system on your newer model to trace faults, or take on diagnosis ourselves for classic models. Above all, it’s our passion for Mercedes’ prestigious history, and years of experience, that has made us experts on engine inspection.

Mercedes Restoration from Derrick Wells

Because we’re independent specialists in Mercedes restoration, the team at Derrick Wells bring attention to detail to all their restorations. This extends well beyond repair to other car care services that aim to maintain a cars condition. From zinc plating and wax oil treatments, to rust-proof bodies and polishing, our Mercedes-Benz experts provide car care with mileage.

Derrick Wells have undertaken a variety of restoration projects on Mercedes-Benz vehicles from every decade. Throughout the years, the team has serviced everything from contemporary sedans to such rarities as a 1927 Mercedes-Benz S-Type. Alongside this, the team have also performed a full recreation of a 1923 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, using original parts to bring the stunning car back to life.

If you require a service or a restoration for any kind of vehicle, contact our Mercedes-Benz classic car specialists today.