How to Choose a Used Mercedes-Benz

Posted on 4th November 2020

When it comes to large purchases, three stand out above all others; buying a home, planning a wedding and purchasing a car. Whilst we cannot help you with the first two, we’d like to think our 30+ years of Mercedes-Benz experience has qualified us to assist when it comes to finding a suitable car. This is our list of vital things you should consider when purchasing Mercedes used cars.

choosing mercedes used cars

Condition of the Car

As a vehicle ages there are a number of areas that can deteriorate. Body panels can rust, rubber parts can become dry and brittle, and a once-smooth suspension can fail, causing a vehicle to feel like it’s driving on a bouncy castle. These are just some of the common issues found in poorly-maintained vehicles or those that have driven a considerable number of miles. It makes sense, then, to purchase a car from a reputable dealer who will let you inspect a vehicle’s condition before purchase.

Take a look at the vehicle body, focussing on areas where corrosion is more likely to occur; such as on wheel arches and the underside of a vehicle. Give vehicles that have corrosion near the suspension, the steering, brakes or seatbelts a wide berth unless you have the funds to repair immediately. Vehicles corroded in these areas will fail an MOT.

Some vehicle parts will also need replacing at regular mileage intervals, so be sure to check a vehicle’s mileage on inspection to check for additional costs.

Previous History

The service history of a vehicle can reveal a lot. Firstly, it gives you an indication of how well (or badly) its previous owner maintained it. A complete service history is always reassuring, as are receipts showing previous repairs. Do make a note of repairs that appear regularly in a vehicle’s history. This may indicate a long-term problem that can prove costly.

Car Reviews

Online reviews can also give some insight into common issues with vehicles, such as poor suspension or heavy steering. Reviews are usually written by vehicle owners or industry experts, giving you an idea of what it is like to own your vehicle of choice.

Talk to an Expert

Here at Derrick Wells, we’re experts in Mercedes used cars. We live, breathe and dream about Mercedes-Benz, especially our owner Derrick, who began his love for the three-pointed star as a young child. A specialist independent dealer will take note of your individual vehicle preferences and needs to tailor the purchasing service, ensuring you leave with the perfect vehicle for you.

Getting Someone to Check Over the Car

Whether you’re car-savvy or a novice, there is no harm in having a mechanic check over a vehicle before you purchase it. Someone in the trade will have an understanding of common vehicle faults and look out for them. If you can’t get hold of a mechanic, we recommend taking a friend you trust with you. Purchasing a vehicle is an emotive experience; so having a second pair of eyes to take in the finer details of a car’s condition can be very helpful before handing over your cash.

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