Why Using a Mercedes-Benz Specialist is Best

Posted on 22nd September 2020

If you drive a Mercedes-Benz car, you might be tempted to cut running costs. For example, having it serviced at your local garage rather than at a Mercedes-Benz specialist. Whilst this might be a less expensive option for servicing and repairs, it can impact the resale value, warranty and performance of your vehicle. These are all good reasons why using a Mercedes-Benz mechanic is best for you.

Independent Mercedes-Benz Specialist in Suffolk


Certified Mercedes-Benz mechanics undergo rigorous training on Mercedes engines and technology. There are some excellent mechanics working from non-specialist garages, but can you be sure that they will know the ins and outs of your car? An experienced Mercedes mechanic, such as the Derrick Wells team, will spot typical issues quickly and resolve them before they become problematic. Our in-depth knowledge also allows us to notice less-common problems. Your car will get the highest attention, because no one knows your car better than a certified Mercedes-Benz specialist.

Original components

Taking your car to a Mercedes Benz specialist will make sure that only original Mercedes parts are used. Purchasing a luxury car and then skimping on repair costs by using inferior components is not the best idea. A specialist independent Mercedes garage will be able to buy original components cheaper than your local garage. Besides, the use of replica parts can affect your warranty, the performance and the resale value of your vehicle.

Specialist tools and equipment

The certified Mercedes mechanic who works on your car will have been trained to use the brand specific tools and equipment. Mercedes-Benz cars are complex vehicles. Our Mercedes-Benz specialists are trained in the application of equipment specially designed to make sure that any work done, is the very best it can be. As enthusiasts, our team genuinely care as much about your car as you do.


All work completed by a Mercedes-Benz specialist will carry a guarantee. This will not affect the manufacturer’s warranty. If you want to extend your warranty, taking your car to a specialist will give you the opportunity to do so. At Derrick Wells, our services offer a cost-effective alternative to a main dealer. We provide the full Mercedes-Benz experience at Independent Specialist prices; saving you money without invalidating your warranty.

The total package

Mercedes-Benz expects more than just mechanical awareness from mechanics working in specialist outlets. At Derrick Wells we offer excellent customer service and helpful advice for all of our clients. Booking your vehicle in should be simple, and there should be no question of you being let down because your car is not ready for collection at the time you were told it would be ready. Our cheerful team will always call you back, keeping you informed of your vehicle’s progress.

Choose a Mercedes-Benz Specialist

Taking your car for a service or a repair at a specialist garage is as close as you will get to returning it to the manufacturer for a complete overhaul. Having your log book stamped by a certified Mercedes mechanic will also help to keep your car’s resale value. Contact us today for a consultation, or to learn more about the Servicing, Restoration and Repair services we provide.